Gows Restaurant


Gows Restaurant

If you are in London Town I must recommend Gows Restaurant

The food is sublime and elegant without unnecessary fuss and over complication and tastes outstanding.

The Service is graceful and smooth, with knowledgeable staff.

in fact the whole Bonhomie is perfect!

Highly Recommended!

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Rest point at Newchurch

Get Britain Cycling

HM Government

Promote cycling by implementing the recommendations in the ‘Get Britain Cycling’ report.

Responsible department: Department for Transport

We the undersigned call on the Prime Minister to pledge that the Government will implement the recommendations in the ‘Get Britain Cycling’ parliamentary report.
The inquiry, chaired by a cross-party panel of MPs and peers, heard that promoting cycling as a healthy and affordable way to travel can tackle Britain’s obesity crisis, save millions from NHS budgets, boost the economy and reduce congestion on our roads and trains.
The inquiry’s 18 recommendations focus on reallocating investment, safer road design, lower speed limits, better training and strong political leadership.
This will require cross-departmental consensus led from the Cabinet Office and Downing Street, not just from the Department for Transport.
In the Commons on February 22, 2012, the Prime Minister said of The Times’s ‘Cities Fit for Cycling’ campaign: “If we want to encourage the growth in cycling we’ve seen in recent years, we need to get behind campaigns like this.”
Now is the time to act on those words.

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Marsh Ride

Spring Has Arrived at Last!

— Sent with Mobile Mail by Orange

Nearly Home!

Mmm Now Which Way!

Another Cold Ride Out on the Marsh!

A Very Windy Marsh!

20 mph wind

zero degrees

icy rain

sore knees

frozen feet

numb hands

21 miles


Ahh Perfect

the Loaf


Hot Coffee and a Warm Welcome!

now home for a Hot Shower!

New Simpson Magazine!

Simpson Magazine out now!

Welcome to Simpson

Simpson is a new independent magazine about British road cycling. Whether you’re just starting out or a hardened club rider, we offer a unique insight from the very heart of cycling. Simpson is frank and has a sense of humour. It will take no prisoners but it’s also very proud of the rich heritage of British cycling.

Roll Up! Roll Up!

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